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Supermaritime International BV – Global Sales and Operations

Supermaritime International B.V., based in the port of Rotterdam is the Global Sales and Global Operations office of the Supermaritime Group. As economies fluctuate and technology advances, the shipping and logistics industries are becoming more complex and globalized every week. To maximize the performance of our global Vessel Agency Network, the Supermaritime Group increasingly uses sophisticated management methods.

Our centralized Control Tower in Rotterdam maintains visibility and control across our entire network, and manages and supervises:

  • performance management
  • vessel agency and supply chain diagnostics
  • supplier management
  • vessel agency and supply planning
  • global transportation management
  • sales and marketing management
  • corporate governance, quality and compliance

Our control-Tower is managed as a multifunctional discipline. Supermaritime takes advantage of cross-functional teams when it comes to resolving critical operational issues. For our Control Tower program to be successful, a full-time involvement and integration of the sales teams, agency and logistics operations teams, finance as well as key management functions is imperative. Furthermore, our dedicated teams have the authority and proper escalation procedures necessary to make final decisions and ensure expediency.

Supermaritime Nederland BV – Stevedoring and Cargo Handling in Vlissingen Port

Our sister company, Supermaritime Nederland BV, although recognized as a medium sized stevedoring and cargo handling / warehousing company, is renowned for its fast and personalized service and moreover, its Health and Safety conscious handling of cargoes. The company is proud to serve as a global marshaling yard for one of the top 3 Global Multinational Oil Companies for its upstream activities in the largest oil producing country in (West) Africa. A highly flexible work workforce with strong ethics, short communication lines, an excellent health & safety record, coupled with a powerful warehouse management tool, allow the company to deliver first class services to its local and international customer base. For more information on Supermaritime Nederland’s stevedoring services, please click here.

Supermaritime van Reems BV – Global Freight Forwarding – office in Middelburg (Vlissingen Port)

Supermaritime van Reems BV was established in October 2003, and offers Global Freight Forwarding Services.

Depth of service and flexibility are critical in managing today’s complex and changing supply chain. Our freight forwarding and cargo management services include air, ocean and ground transportation services door-to-door on a worldwide basis for virtually any size shipment and any commodity. Equally as important, our one-to-one service culture ensures the safe handling of your shipments and allows real time access to information about your shipments.

Supermaritime Forwarding BV – Global Freight Forwarding & Africa Supply Chain Services Control Tower – office in Rotterdam

At Supermaritime Forwarding, we are passionate about contributing to the success of our customers by providing outstanding supply chain and global freight forwarding services. 24/7, 365 days a year, the Supermaritime global freight team aspires to offers its customers an unsurpassed service, mastering all elements of business logistics and focusing on operations excellence.

We design, implement and operate complex, end-to-end contract logistics and freight management solutions for clients in various industries, and most notably for the offshore and oil and gas industries. As a longstanding member of the Global Logistics Network (GLN), our global reach extends across over 322 cities in 125 countries. With combined Annual Revenues of USD 9.5 Billion and 27,636 experienced and capable staff in over 633 offices handle over 6 million shipments per year, which makes GLN larger in size than many multinational forwarders and integrators.

For detailed information please feel free to contact us.

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