Oil & Gas – Offshore Logistics Support Services

The Supermaritime group has in-house capabilities as an Integrated Project Logistics Services provider, specializing in Oil & Gas / Offshore Marine logistics, chartering, and Offshore (Support) Vessel agency services in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Our Oil & Gas / Offshore team provides logistics services in most of the group’s global locations, but in particular in Africa. For certain projects an exchange and sharing of competencies is put in place between the various divisions within the group. The group’s Global operations and sales office in Rotterdam serves as a back-office to the world-wide oil & Gas / offshore operations and supports the various divisions in administrative functions such as invoicing, accounting, human resource, and project management.

At Supermaritime we recognize the very specific needs and often time restrictive requirements of our Oil & Gas and Offshore customers. As a result of our historic footprint in Africa, our operators and management have a keen eye for the ‘need for speed’ and the requirement for reliable and compliant delivery services in often difficult and hostile environments. Health, Safety and productivity are at the center of every upstream, mid-stream and downstream operation. Enabling these operations to perform at optimum levels, without trade-off, is the core of Supermaritime’s integrated end-to-end supply chain solutions. Asset utilization via uncompromised material availability as defined by a client’s policies on critical spares, planned maintenance and production schedules is embedded in Supermaritime’s logistics approach to supporting the oil and gas and offshore industries.

Supermaritime Cameroon - Vessel Agencies OffshoreOur group has agreements in place with reputable service companies and can offer our clients a full portfolio of supply chain service for the Oil & Gas / Offshore industries.

The Supermaritime group has a proven experience in handling multi-year EPCI project logistics support services in the offshore construction industry in Sub-Saharan Africa. Our company is proud to have a large portfolio of both local and international clients in the Oil & Gas / Offshore (construction) industries.




Offshore / Oil & Gas Vessel and Husbandry Agencies

As a result of our specialization in the Offshore and Oil & Gas Sector, we have a profound knowledge and understanding of the vessel agency and logistics requirements of offshore support vessels and construction vessels. In the past years the Supermaritime Group has assisted numerous Oil & Gas / Ofshore construction companies in West Africa by providing vessel support services, in particular for vessel mobilisations and demobilization. On average the Supermaritime Group assist over 4000 pax moving through the various ports in which it operates. Our project teams can be mobilized at short notice to any of the ports in which we operate and often beyond, and understand the intricacies of the Oil & Gas and Offshore industries. Our staff are used to working under pressure and are committed to servicing all requirements of our clients.

Offshore Yard Management Services in West – Africa

Supermaritime provides a fully integrated offshore supply base capability in various locations Sub Sahara Africa ensuring safe and effective on-time delivery of product to projects locally or offshore. Our business manages heavy load out and bulk freight, warehousing and packing, quayside and waste operations utilizing the locally available infrastructure and third party providers where necessary. In recent years we have managed numerous projects and vessel mobilizations with the support of a strong marine management team that delivered time and again.


Oil & Gas Marshalling Yard Services in Vlissingen Port, the Netherlands

These services include Project Warehousing, Lashing and Securing Services, Pipe Yard Management and are performed by the group’s wholly owned subsidiary Supermaritime Nederland BV, centrally located in the deep-sea port of Vlissingen, the Netherlands.

Supermaritime Nederland BV, although recognized as a medium sized stevedoring and cargo handling company, is renowned for its expedient and personalized service and moreover, its Health and Safety conscious handling of cargoes.

The company is proud to serve as the Northern Europe Central marshaling yard for one of the top 3 Global Multinational Oil Companies for its exploration and production activities in various world-wide locations. A highly flexible work workforce with strong ethics, short communication lines, an excellent health & safety record, coupled with a powerful warehouse management tool, allow the company to deliver first class services to its local and international customer base.

To learn more about our services in Vlissingen please contact us by clicking here for the contact details of Mr Martien Burger.

Oil & Gas / Offshore Logistics Yard Services in Takoradi port, Ghana

Supermaritime Oil & Gas Storage Yard Takoradi, Ghana

In the port of Takoradi, Ghana, Supermaritime has operated a 2600 sqm Oil & Gas / Offshore logistics yard since 2008. Our Oil & Gas logistics team in Ghana has a very credible track record of servicing various offshore clients that operate in the Ghanaian Offshore Industry. The yard is managed by our Takoradi expatriate management and employs well qualified staff in the various logistics disciplines, and is located no less than 300 meters distance from the entrance to Takoradi port. At our facility we offer goods handling with a first class fleet of machines, as well as storage solutions. All services are performed under our strict HSE policies and procedures. Supermaritime Ghana provides a complete turn-key service in the Takoradi area which includes custom built housing solutions, office rentals, local labor services, local procurement, and integrated project management.

Agency CARU Offshore Container Rental and Sales

Supermaritime Ghana are the exclusive agents in Ghana for CARU offshore containers rentals and sales division, and are in a position to offer offshore DNV 2.7-1 containers to its clients from a local stock. Additional to the CARU globally held and diversified stock, CARU is producing its own ISO DNV 2.7-1 containers in China under the constant supervision of our CARU’s own surveyors. This allows CARU to answer the growing demand but also enables the company to deliver anywhere, and on a short term.

Offshore cont sales + rental Ghana CARU containersFor more information on Offshore Container Rentals and Sales in Ghana please contacts us by clicking here


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