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Please be aware that the management of the Supermaritime Group has recently seen an increase in fraudulent emails and letters sent to (potential) customers of our company, linking their fraudulent activities to fake non Supermaritime Group related websites.

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Corporate Social Responsibility & Compliance (TRACE certification)

Dedicated to ethical business undertaking and social responsibility

A critical success factor for the Supermaritime Group has been effective cross-cultural communication and collaboration. We recognize that as our client’s chosen Maritime Logistics and Vessel Agency partner we must ensure that outstanding results are consistently achieved through the cross-culture flow of best practices, knowledge, learning and expertise. Our offices are consistent in offering principals dedication to outstanding customer service, at a very professional level, and we hold ourselves accountable for getting things done the right way. Our company's prime service offering will only flourish when our staff and management commit to delivering high standards in every interaction with customers, suppliers and our team members. Our quality of service,  effectiveness and reputation wholly depend on fair, honest, ethical and lawful business practices.

Human Resource Management

With a footprint in Africa that stretches over 3 decades, our company has always strived to provide a competitive, but at the same time safe and professional environment for our local and expatriate employees. With a large number of nationalities represented within our company (+20), and a workforce that holds a fair share of female employees, we foster diversity, and recognize that our people are our most valued assets.

Many of our offices, in particular in West-Africa, lie in areas of highly distinct national and regional cultures. As well as different languages, there are also clear differences in strategic and operational business practices across Western and Southern Africa, which is where a large part of our business is transacted. There is one common denominator that binds all our offices together, and that is the well communicated management directives (including our code of conduct) and coordination of our activities through Supermaritime’s global sales and operations office in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Community Relations & Corporate Social Responsibility

The Supermaritime Group is committed to acting as a socially responsible company in those regions where our company and staff are operating. This means that we will go further by continually evaluating our business practices using the principle of sustainability.

 Far-reaching and ever-present, sport is a common denominator for people across the globe. At Supermaritime we believe that non-profit sports programs aiming to educate through similar means are part of an up and coming movement. Through sport, children and young adults learn sportsmanship and other life skills. In addition to this, in line with our program for Corporate Social Responsibility, our company also supports the following organisations / causes:

At the heart of sustainability lies the desire to maintain a balance between the economic, environmental and social needs of our world today without compromising the opportunities of future generations. We want our group to always be associated with a respect for human rights, safe work conditions, and environmentally sound business practices, for our own organization and those with whom we partner. 

We strive to understand and respect the cultural values wherever we operate. In many countries and regions where our company is active – we prefer to employ local and native employees, and as a result, in many locations our company is recognised as an indigenous business entity. Our employees and management communicate extensively with the communities in whose areas we operate. This is a responsibility we take seriously and it equally provides us with an opportunity to be a positive force for local good. In all our operations – often in hostile and challenging environments – we aim, wherever possible, to use our core competencies to help tackle local community issues where we can make a positive difference.

Compliance Program - Code of Conduct - TRACE certification

At Supermaritime, we are continually reviewing our processes as we interpret compliance as more than simply "not breaking the law and acting correctly in the light of common sense and ethics". We believe that we achieve compliance by responding flexibly with a keen sensibility to the needs of society's rules and regulations which are constantly changing and evolving. This means that our team is - and will remain - committed to compliantly providing our customers with the best possible service in line with the most current regulatory information. We achieve these efforts by keeping in contact with the mandating agencies and authorities, by maintaining the resources at our fingertips, and by upholding our Code of Conduct which lies at the basis of our Compliance Program.

Tcertified Logo ColorInternationally acknowledged compliance organization TRACE has completed a TRACE certification due diligence review of Supermaritime SA under certification number: TC4212-9255. Certification by TRACE signifies that Supermaritime has completed internationally accepted due diligence procedures and has been forthcoming and cooperative during the review process. TRACE certification underscores Supermaritime's commitment to transparency in international commercial transactions.

TRACE membership helps companies conduct business ethically and in compliance with the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, UK Bribery Act and other similar anti-bribery legislation. By pooling resources, TRACE is able to help companies reduce the cost and time associated with compliance while raising program standards.

 For more information on our corporate social responsibility and our compliance program please contact our compliance officer: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.