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Please be aware that the management of the Supermaritime Group has recently seen an increase in fraudulent emails and letters sent to (potential) customers of our company, linking their fraudulent activities to fake non Supermaritime Group related websites.

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Stevedoring, Cargo Handling & Storage

In various locations globally

The Supermaritime Group provides Stevedoring, Cargo-Handling and Storage Solutions in various locations globally and has extensive experience generated by its experienced set of industry professionals combined with its focused service / solution offerings in the stevedoring / cargo-handling industry. We deliver on our promises with day-to-day activities that represent value for money, quality, continuity, innovation and maximum reach, offering services in stevedoring, specialized materials handling services, surface transportation, pipe / yard management, lashing & securing services, warehousing and (project) cargo management.

In the ports of Abidjan, Takoradi, Tema, Cotonou and Lagos these services are performed by Supermaritime subsidiaries and their sub-contractors. In the Netherlands the portfolio of stevedoring services is performed by the group’s wholly owned subsidiary Supermaritime Nederland BV, centrally located in the deep-sea port of Vlissingen, the Netherlands.

For more information about our services, please contact: Mr Alexander Moen by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.