Fraud warning

Please be aware that the management of the Supermaritime Group has recently seen an increase in fraudulent emails and letters sent to (potential) customers of our company, linking their fraudulent activities to fake non Supermaritime Group related websites.

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Evofenedex, representing over 15,000 companies in the Netherlands, active in Transport, Logistics and Import / Export activities

EVOFENEDEX represents the interests of some 15,000 companies in the Netherlands that export, import and transport goods on their own account or subcontract through a professional transport company. They come from all sectors of industry such as machinery, chemical and offshore sectors, but also in the field of wholesale, retail, logistics and marine agency services.

Supermaritime Forwarding is a member of Evofenedex since 2012. The members of Evofenedex account for 70 percent of all goods shipped within, to and from the Netherlands, and was founded more than 75 years ago. The mission of Evofenedex is to improve international trade and to smoothen logistics for the member companies.
Evofenedex lobbies for its members to influence (inter)national policies, they share knowledge, provide training programs and execute projects on trade, logistics and customs both in the Netherlands and in other parts of the world. All this is aimed at smoothening trade and logistics.
Evofenedex believes in the power of connecting. Connecting people, connecting knowledge and people, connecting interests and policies and many connections more: 360 degrees of trade and logistics.